What to Look for in a Day Care Nursery


If you are the parent of a toddler, you will no doubt be thinking about finding a suitable day care centre for your child, and the selection requires some careful consideration. If your child is to spend a portion of their time in a new environment, it is important that your child feels at home, with qualified and experienced carers to help the child explore and learn.  While it is important to have a safe and secure environment, you also want your child to develop social skills and by spending time with other children of similar ages, their interaction will prepare them well for the early school years. With your career demanding your attention, finding a suitable day care nursery need not be an ordeal, and with that in mind, here are some things to look out for.

  • Focus on Child Development – The modern day care nursery would certainly offer more than just a safe place to leave your child, and you would expect to see a range of useful resources, such as building blocks, and other items that would engage the interest of a toddler. The child’s well-being would, of course, be paramount, and with a friendly, hands-on approach, the staff would ensure that the children take part in a series of activities that promote all round development. There is a very good model for the ideal nursery with Sandfield Day Nursery in Nottingham, where your child can continue to develop while in a safe and secure environment. Indoor facilities include a soft play room, which is always a favourite with the kids.


  • Friendly and Approachable Staff – Ideally, the staff would be young people who have already chosen early learning as their career path, and under supervision of the expert, they would lead the children through a series of fun based activities that develop the child both physically and mentally. Each child would have one supervisor who tracks their progress, and although every child would have contact with all the staff, they would be one who is responsible for the child’s development history.
  • Excellent Resources – There should be adequate indoor and outside play areas, with a soft play room, preferably inside, and the activity rooms would be light and airy. Resources would include a range of toys and items that are designed to stimulate young children, and with guided play and group activities, your child will develop in many ways. Story telling would be a daily activity, as this helps to develop imagination, while song and dance also play an important role in child development.
  • Adequate Amenities – There needs to be child friendly toilets, CCTV cameras for a secure perimeter, and suitable areas for lunch and snacks. The day care centre should be a place your child enjoys visiting, and if you visit a potential nursery, observe how the children respond, as well as the overall environment.

Sourcing a suitable day care centre is something the Internet can help with, and once you have a list of potential candidates, some browsing should narrow the choice down and then you can arrange a visit.