Ways to Save on Your next Adventure


If you love to travel, you know it can get expensive in a hurry. A great way to avoid this is to plan ahead; know the average cost-of-living in the area you plan to visit so you won’t get sticker shock when you order a nine dollar latte. Here are some other tips to help you save on your next adventure:

Travel: look for discounted transportation, such as out of season cruises and all inclusive trips. Often you can find great deals by booking your hotel and airfare together, traveling by rail instead of air, or traveling mid-week instead of the weekend.

Transportation: do a bit of research on your destination and determine what mode of transportation is most cost-effective for the area. In one city buses or subways may be the ideal mode of transportation; another destination might be best visited in a rental car.

Accommodations: A four-star hotel isn’t necessarily the best if it doesn’t have the amenities that matter to you. Check out vacation rental homes, locations away from the central part of the city, or smaller “Mom and Pop” motels that may be just as nice but at a fraction of the cost.

Look for online discounts. Check online for available discounts to the attractions and restaurants you want to visit at your vacation destination. You’re sure to spend less than you would if you waited and paid full price at the door.

Eat in. Look for a hotel that features a free breakfast and you can save substantially on your overall stay. The same goes for rooms with a fridge and microwave; you can reheat your leftover restaurant meals or buy local food for a quick meal in your room.

Pack smart. Before you leave home make a list of everything you’ll need and double-check your packing the night before you travel. Make sure you have all the necessities, because buying replacement items can be costly in some vacation cities!