Teaching the Teacher


Probably the most exciting facets of teaching is always that I do not also have to educate. I am not talking about the summer time breaks but instead individuals teaching moments in which the students educate the teacher.

I particularly decided on a career in greater education because I wish to be considered a lifelong learner. I wish to learn as much from my students because they study from me. It is a partnership – a training relationship – and it is the very best job I have ever endured.

Tonight, I learned a couple of new methods from the trade, and most importantly, I learned them from my student newspaper staff in the Montage.

Following a visit to the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention in Austin, Texas, my students had the chance to talk about their newly found journalism understanding with all of those other staff at our weekly meeting.

Each one of these was wanting to share tidbits, insight, and examples they selected up in the conference. They spoken with enthusiasm about FERPA, investigative reporting, elements of design and page layout, public record information, and interviewing techniques. One at a time, each student were built with a “teaching moment” when i sitting back coupled with a “learning moment.”

Probably the most valuable training, for me, originate from individuals with passion. It does not matter when the person is experienced within the field, an authorized educator, or even the average-Joe. How the details are communicated and the opportunity to maintain interest and spread passion predicts how influential the teaching moment is going to be for that learner.

There is not really a trace of authority within the room tonight, not really a trace of “expert” influence – only desire for learning – an essential component of my teaching philosophy.

I have not enrolled in the “teacher is aware of this all” philosophy. I am not scared to confess if I’m not sure something and can do my favorite to locate the mystery. I’ll always make an effort to learn right alongside my students and when I ever stray from my own philosophy, then it is time that i can stop teaching.

Teachers get some things wrong. Teachers are human, but more to the point, teachers are learners, too.