Everything you Need to Know About University Open days


Selecting your university is an important step in anyone’s life and therefore one needs to be fully aware of the pros and cons each university might have. Part of the selection process is a visit to the university in question, and if you are about to finish your A level examinations, this will be on the cards very soon, and here are some helpful hints to make the choice easier.

  • Check with the University First – Don’t just turn up, as you might not be allowed to tour the university, and by making an appointment, you are following university protocol, which is always a good idea. University open days are designed to orientate potential students, and you should expect there to be a lot of likeminded people who are also interested in gaining admission.

  • Prepare a List of Questions – Even though you will be seeing the university firsthand, there are likely to be questions in your mind, and it never hurts to spend a few minutes preparing any questions you might have, and when you are with the admissions officer, this is the perfect time to ask.

  • Look your best – On the day of the visit, wear comfortable but smart clothes, as you want to give the right impression even though open days are not part of the selection process, it is always a good idea to dress appropriately for the occasion.

  • Be Prepared – You are likely to be given lots of brochures, so carry a suitable bag for this, and it is also a smart move to bring along all the relevant paperwork, just in case you decide to enroll and the university is prepared to accept you.

  • Take a Friend Along – Either that, or a family member, which will give you moral support as you tour the venue, and make sure you know how to get there by planning your route in advance. We all feel a little uneasy when we are in a strange place alone, and by having a friend or family member along, things will be much more relaxed.

  • Accommodation – It is always a good idea to bring this up, and most universities will have on site accommodation, and if that is all fully booked, they would have the contact details of private rentals nearby.

  • Talk to the Staff and Students – The atmosphere would typically be quite informal, and this allows you to talk to people and get a feel for the university and those who work and study there.

It isn’t just the university who has the choice to accept your admission, as you yourself might have 4 or even 5 universities on your list and the open day is a chance to narrow your choices down. Take the opportunity to gain information and with a little luck, you will find the ideal university to help you achieve your career goals.